This web site aims to serve as a meeting place for professors who are interested in the development and assessment of generic competences at their course.

It has been designed to compile and offer assessment tools for professors, results of innovation and educational research projects, teaching experiences at classrooms and support from other colleagues.

To that effect, it has several tools to:

ComentarExpress your opinion by blogging or participating in surveys
HerramientasAccess to assessment tools online or through a previous download to be used in your subjects

DescargarDownload articles, memories of results and so forth
CrearCreate contents by adding new projects or experiments and publishing the results.


The web site has been created by a group of professors as a result of the project “Development of the eCompetentis tool to assess generic competences”, which was carried out between October 2009 and July 2010 within the Studies and Analysis Program of the Spanish Ministry of Education (EA2009-040).

It is intended to be used and spread, initially among the Spanish-speaking community, although international participation will be encouraged as far as possible.